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01923 255 355

Speak to us today on: 01923 255 355

Structural Repairs & Alterations

Structural Repair and Stabilisation; we use our skills to restore integrity and stability to buildings and structures, from the foundations upwards.

Structural propping and dismantle masonry

A V V Solutions is a contractor and surveyor for structural, crack repairs and lintel failures; reinforcement remedial works using stainless steel ties, angle fixings, anchor socks, tie bars, and wall ties. We provide structural propping and dismantle of the masonry which can be retained as required for future new construction.

Dismantling original brick/stone detailing

Cut and carve to buildings so as to offer a change of use. From dismantling the original brick/stone detailing, enlarging the opening and inserting of lintels. Where possible using original materials to rebuild the reveals and the detailing to the new specifications. We have carried out these types of works at Warner Brothers Studios London, Watford Met quarters and The Royal Train shed Milton Keynes.


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